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Travel Portland, Oregon

Phayao Lake, known as Kwam Phayao in Thai, is an artificial lake located at 380 meters above sea level in Phayao Province of Thailand.

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Drive smart on Indian Roads?

Driving Training

In 2010, India lost 133,000 people to road accidents.

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The kind stranger symbolised new hope for me – Hyeonseo Lee


Very moving.  A story about Hyeonseo Lee’s escape from North Korea.  

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India Youth Fund – Mobilizing the present, accelerating the future!


Apply for a Grant from the India Youth Fund UN-Habitat in collaboration with the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation (NSF) brings to India the Indian window of the global Urban Youth Fund exclusively for young individuals working towards improving the lives of ...

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Registration of Non Profits as Trusts in India

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        In the last article, we saw how non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) can be registered as “Societies” in India. In this article, we shall focus on using a “Trust” to establish an NGO in India. Prerequisites to form ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility in India – Companies Bill 2012


On the 18th of December 2012, the Indian Legislature passed the Companies Bill 2012 and with this most would hope for significant positive changes in the operating and regulatory environment for Companies and Entrepreneurs working in India.  The 35 year ...

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Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong


Dan Pallotta has a good point on the use of funds by a charity and how money received can be invested to create more money to use for charity. An interesting point to note here would be – when does ...

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Telemarketing, Fund Raising, Non Profits and You


Fund Raising through telemarketing… How effective do you think Telemarketing is – when the purpose is to approach a target and attempt to convince him/ her to financially support a cause not heard about earlier. The process, we believe, is ...

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Happy Women’s Day — PledgeBack

Happy Women's Day

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Registration of Non Profit Organisations in India

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Non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) are difficult to define and classify since the term ‘NGO’ is not used consistently. An NGO has a connotation of being a non-government organisation that is established to do public good. To put it simply, an NGO is ...

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