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PledgeBack is all about the ‘Power of You’! Join the community and power the change.

PledgeBack aims at making a difference to the lives of people. PledgeBack believes that time is the most valuable contribution anyone can make to society.

We work with individuals, corporations, social enterprises and non profit organisations to help them realise how best they can ‘Pledge Back’.


Our Specialisation

Enabling Volunteers – Finding appropriate volunteering opportunities that fit the individual’s requirements, interests and also maximise the skills brought to the table.

Challenging Interns – Developmental adventures in India for interns from across the world. Experience India’s culture and geography while working with interesting start ups, social enterprises and non profit organisations.

Building Accountability and Transparency – Building sustainable internal processes to improve accountability and transparency in the functioning of social enterprises and non profit organisations.

Developing Effective CSR Strategies – Development of CSR strategies. Connecting worthy non profit organisations and social enterprises with individuals and corporations looking for investment and contribution options.


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Write in to us @ : contactus@pledgeback.org
Call us @: +91 99867 67000
Website: www.pledgeback.org

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