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Diary Notes

Teaching sewing skills at Anu


Every Wednesday morning, Karen Hansson from the Netherlands jumps in her car at 9am to be at the Anu Workshop in Janakiram Layout around 10. Carrying a big bag with her, filled with sewing stuff and even a sewing machine. ...

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Social change in different contexts


If you are reading this then you, like me, likely have a desire to “be the change you want to see in the world.” This deceptively simple proposition can be incredibly complex. How can this be done? And how can ...

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The Naga Hornbill festival, a visit to a war memorial and eating a worm.


We’re sitting at a table and passing around the silk worms. They’re deep fried dust-coloured maggots the size of my index finger. Should I…? What the hell. I pop one into my mouth and bite down. Squelch. Something gooey shoots ...

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Sense Kaleidoscopes – A Journey [Part 2]

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January 2013 saw the founding of our centre Sense Kaleidoscopes. We did not have a big inauguration ceremony. No politicians or celebrities graced the occasion. We simply had two of our children light the lamp with a few close family ...

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The Menchuka Diary – 2


Menchuka, September 28, 2013 I woke up rather early. A 530 am start. I stepped out of the room to find the whole sky covered in mist. A passing cloud had enveloped the whole town. The sky started clearing at ...

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The Menchuka Diary – 1


Menchuka, September 27, 2013   The place is beautiful. I did expect to see higher mountains and a dash of snow on the peaks, however, the town of Menchuka is at approximately 6000 ft and while it is surrounded by ...

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PledgeBack goes online!

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The PledgeBack online portal is up!  We thank our friends, supporters and family for their untiring effort in helping us achieve this milestone.  This means a lot to us and we look forward to your continued support!   Click on ...

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Sense Kaleidoscopes – A Journey [Part 1]

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There are always different ways to handle a problem that seems to be impossible to conquer. You can whine about it and complain that no one is doing anything to address the issue – not the community, not the government, ...

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The Entrepreneur – Kohima, Nagaland


Twenty carefully selected entrepreneurs in one of India’s north eastern states – Nagaland, are about to begin a six week journey to learn skills that will equip them to enhance their earnings, generate employment and improve the local economy through ...

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Download our Brochure and Credentials

Use these links to download our brochure and credentials.  If you have received an email from us, you will be automatically directed to these links. Else click on the links below. 01 PledgeBack Advisory Services – One page 02 PledgeBack ...

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