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Driving Training

Drive smart on Indian Roads?

Driving Training

In 2010, India lost 133,000 people to road accidents. That is a whopping 11 per cent of the total road fatalities in the world in that year, with China at a distant second place at 5 per cent. With the current level of driving skills and etiquette that one sees on Indian roads today, we feel it is imperative to help make a change.

Indian Karting’s national karting championship team and PledgeBack Advisory have tied up to create an in-office training program to educate drivers and bikers on Road Safety and defensive driving techniques.

Through this program, participants learn how they can be an instrumental force in helping de-congest roads in India, anticipating and avoiding potentially hazardous situations, using mirrors and a 360 degree field of view, overtaking safely, braking in an emergency, driving defensively and a bunch of other safety situations that are normally missed out on by the daily driver.  The sessions will be interactive, with videos and situational discussions.

Driving in India seems to be getting worse and through a series of such sessions, we hope to positively impact the traffic situation in any way we can. We are the change we want to see.

Our programme is available on any day after April 8, 2013.

Please write in to contactus@pledgeback.org to make a booking for your office staff.

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