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Inclusive India – Chai With Lakshmi

A message from Lakshmi below.

Inclusive India starts with ‘i’
At ChaiwithLakshmi.in we’d like to encourage inclusivity and we are doing this by aiming to publish 1000 positive stories on Inclusive India this year. Some of these stories could be from you.

What do we mean by Inclusive India?
Inclusivity, to us, pervades all spheres of our lives. It addresses unity in diversity and national integration at a very personal level as well as at multiple external dimensions (i.e., community, economy, society and culture). Inclusivity to me is about everything from ensuring buildings have ramps and braille signage for the physically challenged, making essential infrastructure and information available to people in all walks of life, breaking down opportunity-access barriers, to including art and sport in every school, breaking down gender and economic barriers, overcoming language and religious barriers, making important technology affordable, making education and healthcare available everywhere, allowing cultures to intersect and more.

About Chai with Lakshmi
Chai with Lakshmi is India’s first online talk show. It focuses on concepts, pursuits and people who are positive and shaping India’s future. It brings to you ideas you can engage with and relate to. The show is syndicated across platform and has a blog.

Stories we Seek
I would like to publish about positive ideas and examples that are relevant in today’s context. Ideas on how we as individuals, as communities and as Indians are inclusive towards each other. Examples of how people, groups or organisations are being inclusive or encouraging inclusivity.

These stories can be written based on personal experiences, for an organisation or community, about incidents witnessed / experienced, or based on personal pursuits.

Send in Your Story of Inclusive India
Have you got a positive idea or example of how an individual, community or organisation is being inclusive? Have you got a inclusive pursuit? Write about in 750 to 1000 words and send in to info@chaiwithlakshmi.in Do send in a recent picture of yourself (the author) and pictures and links relevant to your write up.

Lakshmi Rebecca

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