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Social change in different contexts

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  1. A well articulated piece on the dilemma so many of us go through every waking day. I have donned all three hats – within, around and above, continuing to do so as the situation demands. In my experience, it is when we bring in change from within that it lasts, when we work within a culture and gently prod at beliefs that marginalize any entity belonging to it. I say entity and not “human” as it could include the environment, resources, animals. Those we work with imbibe our methods of change making and slowly learn the ropes – eventually becoming change agents themselves.
    Providing support around a system makes it dependent on external support and the necessary steps towards independence get delayed.
    Working from above is what politicians do! It just doesn’t make any sustainable difference at the grass roots other than the “feel good factor” and reams of metrics/ data it generates for reports.

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