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Need help with your accounting?


We have launched an accounting desk that caters to the small and medium size non profit organisations and social enterprises.  Through this service, we will create and maintain your organisation’s books of accounts, prepare management reports for you each month ...

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The Golden Years – A Golden Opportunity


Perhaps you know someone – a grandparent, an old school teacher or a retired professional – who may benefit from volunteering during the golden years of his/ her life.  Read on to find out how. Several countries across the world ...

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Are you considering volunteering?

Do You Want to Volunteer

Have you ever thought about volunteering with a non profit organisation or with a path breaking social enterprise?

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Registration of Non Profit Organisations in India

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Non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) are difficult to define and classify since the term ‘NGO’ is not used consistently. An NGO has a connotation of being a non-government organisation that is established to do public good. To put it simply, an NGO is ...

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