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Telemarketing, Fund Raising, Non Profits and You

Fund Raising through telemarketing…

How effective do you think Telemarketing is – when the purpose is to approach a target and attempt to convince him/ her to financially support a cause not heard about earlier.

The process, we believe, is flawed in many ways:

1. You receive a call from an unknown person

2. The cause you are being asked to support is in most cases unknown or unheard of previously

3. The person calling you doesn’t work at the organisation and therefore will not be able to answer any specific queries that you might have

4. If the organisation has enough money to hire a call center to help in fund-raising, is it the most deserving organisation to receive your money?

5. It is a very impersonal approach and extremely intrusive to most people – whose first thought is – how did you get my number?

Please share your thoughts on this topic [fund raising through telemarketing] with us.  We would love to know what you think.


  1. I agree completely. I generally don’t even want to hear about the cause, let alone agree to part with money via a phone call from a stranger who isn’t even from the organisation! I think a flyer in the mail, which gives you a bit of the essential information and allows you to get in touch with someone from the organisation, in your own time, is likely to have a better chance of success.

  2. Telemarketing may be fine for consumer goods or services but giving for a cause is not as impersonal. You need to know something more of the org and how genuine it is which as you have pointed out may not be possible thru call centres

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